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In 1911, the history of firearms change forever with the adoption of the greatest pistol ever designed − the Automatic Pistol, Caliber .45, M1911 − now known the world over as the 1911. Here's your chance to enjoy a celebration of the first century of the 1911, in 1911, The First 100 Years, written by Patrick Sweeney.

From the predecessors of the 1911 and its contemporaries to the best of today's semi- and full-custom models, you'll find it in 1911, The First 100 Years. This impressive, hardcover volume is loaded with beautiful color photographs collected from around the world, making it a fitting tribute to a pistol that is currently more popular than ever.

To enter the random drawing to win a copy of 1911, The First 100 Years, just post a comment below telling us about your interest in the 1911, or maybe about your collection of books written by Pat Sweeney! And, as always, you can also just say you'd like to win this book − it'll make a handsome addition to any firearms library.

Entries will be accepted until midnight Sunday (Aug. 21), and we'll announce the winner on Monday (Aug. 22).

Good luck!

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Entries accepted until 11:59 pm Central Time Sunday, Aug. 21, 2011.
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  1. One of my favorite firearms is a Colt Officer’s Model – shorter barren and grip – in 45 ACP. I replaced the original wood grip panels with a pachmayr wrap-around rubber grip. Love it!

  2. Have owned my Colt 1911 Model 70 since 1980 . It’s the best gun I have every shot . I own other handguns that I like to shoot and share at the range with friends but my Colt is my go to gun for personal and home protection .

  3. I have a 1966 Commander and a much older nickel or chrome 1911. This book will be very help full in educating me on all 1911s.

  4. Only the best handgun design ever! John Browning definitely designed “God’s Handgun”! My Colt’s and Springfield Armory 1911s are the only guns I trust for daily carry!

  5. I currently own a 1911 colt made in 1922. It is a commercial model with Hogue grips. I once owned a 1911 government model from 1921 and a commercial 1911A1 from 1939. THis last one came from a Chicago Syndicate owned gambling joint that had operated in Franklin Park, il. for many years I bought from the guy who had run the place for the mob until they decided to close it in the mid 50’s. I guess they knew what was the best gun for protection and intimedation.

  6. There simply isn’t ehough room to talk about the 1911 properly. It is simply a great, if not THE greatest semi auto pistol ever made. John M. Browning was a genius!!

    I have only owned one, but plan to add another soon. It was the very first gun of any type that I fired, and I’ve loved them ever since!

  7. 1911’s seem to be all the rage at the moment. They are handsome and functional. Mine seems to gobble upany ammo you throw at it.

  8. Every time I pick up one of my 1911s I continue to be amazed by the brilliance of John Browning’s design. A masterful design from a master designer. One hundred years and still going strong!

  9. I’m a true 1911 lover and fanatic. I’ve actually used my 1911’s for hunting, specifically in the 10mm flavor. Took my last two deer the last couple seasons with a 10mm 1911. Nothing beats it!

  10. The 1911 is THE icon for a semi automatic pistol.I used a 1911A1 for many years in all manner of weather conditions. It never failed me.

  11. I have 4 1911 pistols, latest is a Colt Ace 22 rim fire. What with the cost to feed my Gold Cup and service models I’m sure the Ace will save me money in ammo costs.

  12. My Colt Gold Cup was the first semi-auto I ever purchased, that was back in 1976. To this day it is still my favorite weapon.

  13. Have been interested in the .45 acp and in particular the 1911 for years. My Dad told stories of qualifying with the 1911 in WWII. My son had bought a Norinco about 14 years ago and I truly LOVED how it felt in my hand. I often said it was a “pussycat” in terms of felt recoil. My cousin has several 1911 pistols and convinced me to trade in a .40 cal on a 1911 pistol. (It honestly didn’t take much convincing). I would very honestly like to combine my 17 years as a Journeyman Machinist and the knowledge available in this book to start being able to work on and tune my 1911 and perhaps others as I acquire them. Of course, I would help out my Cousin too.

    • Almost forgot, My older Brother told stories how a 1911 actually/literally saved his life while a Machine gunner on an armed convoy while being partially overrun by VC. One of them was climbing onto his duce and a half with machette at the ready..suffice it to say the 1911 sealed his fate….

  14. I was one of the lucky ones: learned to shoot with a 1911 (later inherited from my dad). Carried as a survival weapon in VN. Accurate, reliable, and could get ammo anywhere. Stolen so I am now shopping for another that is (as the first one was) Model 1911 US NAVY; guess I need to hit the lottery first. Would love to have a great book about this great gun!!

    Gave up smokin to save for shooter!

  15. The 1911 is the Best firearm out there today barnone.
    My Dad had one in ww2 he said that it was always there when you needed it. I wish I had his old 1911.

  16. I’m currently trying to decide which one to get. There are SO many good ones. I would really like to win this book − it’ll make a handsome addition to any firearms library.

  17. The Model 1911 was carried by my grandfater in WW1. My
    father carried a different version with inprovements in
    the Pacific as a Marine;then Korea from beginning to end.
    Father went in as China Marine.
    His oldest son carried a 1911 45ACP in Nam 1965-1969
    DaNang,Assiah Valley,Central Highlands, Khe Saun, & relief of contiem. We need to send time & AMMO teaching Male & Female Marines the 1911 if they learn to fire it
    correctly the enemy falls like sticks.

  18. One hundred years old and 1911 is still a modern handgun. It is a classic and a standard. It is what all other handguns want to be when they grow up.

  19. Howdy. I was a pistolsmithing apprentice to Mr. Jim Hoag in Southern California. Mr. Hoag was one of the late Jeff Cooper’s earliest associates and participated with “Bear Valley Gunslingers,” the predecessor to the Southwest Pistol League. I learned about the functions and modifications to the grand old pistol under his tutelage.

    I have admired, respected, and shoot the 1911 every chance I get, for some 35 years strong. No other pistol has all its attributes, and it remains the first choice of those at the very tip of the civilian and military spear. Long may it live.

  20. No gun collection can be complete without a 1911. I’m waiting for my SR 1911 to come in. It’s a great gun, fun to shoot and impressive to handle. Do not want to be looking down the business end of this beauty.

    • I know what you mean, I think the 1911 in 45acp was and is still the best sidearm for the military. I think is was a big mistake to issue our troops the 9mm pipsqueak. By the way, I just bought a Taurus PT1911 (I know it is not a Colt) and I was very happy with the fit and finish. Now I can still shoot my 45acp while saving up to get an original Colt 1911 A1. Maybe this is what you (BearBurke) should do, so you don’t miss out on all the fun.

  21. I have just recently become a 1911 enthusiast. I am looking forward to my new Metro Arms American Classic II that’s on it’s way!!

  22. My first handgun was a WWII 1911, I bought it in 1967 and had it restored by an old time gunsmith. It was the first of maybe 30 1911’s I owned, carried and loved.
    To this day, when I get up in the morning, I put on my pants and my 1911. I have bet my life and owe my life to the 1911, and will own and carry one as long as I can still breath.

    I would be honored to win this book, it will make a welcome addition to my other collection of books on the greatest military and personal defense pistol ever made.

  23. I would very much enjoy this volume, as I have been a fan of the 1911 since buying my fist gun, a Colt Series 70 Government Model, back in the 1970’s.

    JMB brainchild was close to perfection, and a century later it is still being used by the US with very few changes.

    If imitation is any indicator of how well a weapon functions, then the 1911 is regarded the world over as the best handgun ever designed.

    Happy Birthday 1911.

  24. Seldom does one redefine the craftsmanship of his industry as Mr. Browning did one hundred years ago. The 1911 is today nothing short of a testament to his genius.

  25. I would very much enjoy this volume, as I have been a fan of the 1911 since buying my fist gun, a Colt Series 70 Government Model, back in the 1970’s.

    JMB brainchild was close to perfection, and a century later it is still being used by the US with very few changes.

    And if imitation is any indicator of how well a weapon functions, then the 1911 is regards the world over as the best handgun ever designed.

    Happy Birthday 1911.

  26. One hundred years with the same basic design. The best gun designers may improve but Browning deserves all the credit. What a weapon!


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