“ABCs of Reloading” Tops a Table Centerpiece


Thanks to everyone who chimed in for a chance to win the ABCs of Reloading. Based on the comments, there are a few among us who have won some pretty great prizes, but a bunch more made me feel a whole lot better about my cooler collection.

Hopefully this week's winner, “efry849,” will find the ABCs of Reloading to be more useful than the table centerpiece he won at the credit union dinner.

If you didn't win this week, hang in there and keep checking the blog for more chances to win great books from Gun Digest.

In the meantime, you can buy a copy of ABCs of Reloading in the Gun Digest Bookstore, and while you're there be sure to check out our other reloading titles:

  • Reloading for Handgunners by Patrick Sweeney. Pat entertains as well as educates in this book, so if you have enjoyed his books in the past, or you're ready for a new favorite gun book author, get your copy today.
  • Reloading for Shotgunners by Rick Sapp. The current edition covers everything from .410 bore to 10-gauge magnums. If it can be fired in a shotgun, it's in this book.


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