A Great Glock Shooting Book

A Great Glock Shooting Book


The author and her late Lab, Noah, on a dove shoot just after they'd moved to Kansas.

I started my career in the firearms industry working at a retail gun store and indoor shooting range. I clearly remember the Glock models we rented for use on the range and the subsequent sales we almost always made after someone had their first few trigger pulls with one.

Gun Digest Book of the Glock, Volume 2
Find Glock shooting tips and tricks in this book by Patrick Sweeney.

That was back in the early 1990s, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that trend continues today.

Now into the Gen4 line of pistols, Glock’s various models continue to be top choices for IDPA, IPSC, and 3-Gun competitors, law enforcement officers, those looking for an ultra-reliable self-defense handgun (including concealed carry), and even those who just like to have fun punching holes in paper targets.

What better book to recommend, then, than Patrick Sweeney’s Gun Digest Book of the Glock, Volume 2. With wit and insight to spare, Sweeney delves into why these guns are as good as they are, and covers the ammunition, accessories, gunsmithing tricks and Glock shooting tips to make each one suit the needs of every individual operator.

This is must-have reading, whether you own one Glock or five, and especially if you’re looking to purchase your first one.

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