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To tap into the growing demand from consumer and government sectors for the 6.8 SPC, LWRC ditched mil-spec and designed this AR around the cartridge. The biggest difference you’ll notice is the mag well. The 6.8 cartridge uses standard 5.56 magazines, except with different followers and springs. Up until now polymer magazines couldn’t be used because the walls of the mag were too thick for the increased size of the cartridge. So LWRC teamed with Magpul and designed a magazine around the 6.8 cartridge, then the Six8 rifle around the magazine. The result is optimized reliability and ergonomics that is truly fun to shoot. The Six8 is also fully ambidextrous and uses a Gas-Piston system. It comes in three models: A2 ($2,249), SPR ($2,499), and UCIW ($2,249). For Cerakote colors add $150. Also out is a hunting model SPR called the Six-Razorback ($2,953), which includes 500 rounds of the outstanding Federal Fusion 90-grain ammunition. ($2,249-$2,953/depending on model, lwrci.com)

This article is an excerpt from the January 27, 2014 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine.


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    • DPMS is garbage. I want the LWRC and possibly the Ruger too. And it’s a GOOD thing the Ruger doesn’t come in camouflage, those camo ARs you can buy look absolutely atrocious. If you want to cammie up your AR, get a couple cans of spray paint and some vegetation, at least that way it won’t look ridiculous.