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Federal Fusion MSR

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Call them ARs, black rifles or modern sporting rifles. Whatever you call them, they are the fastest-growing segment of the gun world, and manufacturers are developing some fantastic loads designed just for them. Federal’s new Fusion MSR 6.8 SPC is loaded with a 90-grain, skived-tip bullet for a variety of hunting applications. It’s also a great target load, thanks to a molecularly fused jacket over a pressure-formed lead core. All Fusion MSR loads are designed just for AR platform rifles. ($29.95;

There’s ammo, there’s good ammo, and then there’s great ammo. They all work, but some clearly work better than others. Thanks to high-quality components, carefully engineered loads and hours of testing, ammo makers have created yet another batch of high-quality ammo for hunting, plinking, precision target shooting and personal defense. Yep, there’s some great ammo for just about everyone who owns a gun and who likes to use it. After countless hours at the range and in the field, our editors and writers built this list of the best new loads this year. Whether you prefer handguns, shotguns, rimfires, ARs, bolt-action rifles or all of the above, you’ll find at least one more reason to head to your favorite gun store here.

Editor's Note: This article originally appeared in the Winter 2016 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine.

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