Lisa Tomlin

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I first learned of Lisa Tomlin in the mid- to late-1980s. A dear friend of mine, the late Ray Diehl, loved fine custom guns as much as I do, and he asked me one day if I knew of Lisa, before showing me photos of some fine engraving she had done for him. Her work was exquisite. I met her at an SCI convention not long after that and have kept in touch since. She has come a long way in the intervening years, and she was great to begin with. These days she can boast of having done presentation pieces for kings, presidents, and prime ministers, as well as many lesser mortals. A Southern belle from Virginia, she’s still turning out her lovely work from her Virginia shop. Over the years, a good bit of her artistry has been devoted to fantastic custom knives by the best of our makers. I’ve included an example she did on a Joe Kious Persian folding knife. Joe is one of the icons in the custom knife arena. Also included is an example of her work on a John Rigby double rifle and a Winchester Model 53 lever-action rifle. Photos courtesy of Lisa Tomlin

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  1. There is nothing even remotely PIGish about the MAS45!!! It is an elegant, accurate, very well made .22 training rifle. It may well have been made in France, but it was made on Mauser tooling. They are even more remarkable having been designed during the War. Reconsider your prejudice – you are very wrong with this one.