Lofgren – Hochstrat Rifle

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Al Lofgren mostly specializes in custom work with a Germanic flair—at least most of his work that I’ve seen has a definite Teutonic styling. The example shown here certainly follows that theme. Al started the project with a Mauser 94-96 action, often called a Swedish Mauser. It is a small ring, intermediate-length action. He made a few, as he calls them, “crazy changes,” to the top tang and bottom metal and then sent it off to Dave Norin for the majority of the metalwork, including installing and chambering a new barrel for the .250 Savage cartridge. It then went to Brian Hochstrat for his meticulous engraving and gold inlay, also showing a Germanic flair. The pronghorn inlay is composed of white gold, yellow gold, and platinum, just as an example. Al then did all the stock work, carving, and ivory inlays. Dave Norin did the finish work on the rifle. Photo by Doug Markusic

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  1. There is nothing even remotely PIGish about the MAS45!!! It is an elegant, accurate, very well made .22 training rifle. It may well have been made in France, but it was made on Mauser tooling. They are even more remarkable having been designed during the War. Reconsider your prejudice – you are very wrong with this one.