Sam Welch

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One of our best and most versatile engravers is Sam Welch. Sam started engraving as a hobby and is largely self taught. Early in his engraving career, he had the good fortune of having engraver Ray Viramontez as his neighbor. Viramontez tutored him in the finer points of engraving techniques and some of the tricks of the trade. Sam can and does engrave about anything that is engraveable. Shown here is an engraved set of false sideplates for a Fox shotgun. Photos by Sam Welch

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  1. There is nothing even remotely PIGish about the MAS45!!! It is an elegant, accurate, very well made .22 training rifle. It may well have been made in France, but it was made on Mauser tooling. They are even more remarkable having been designed during the War. Reconsider your prejudice – you are very wrong with this one.