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Veteran custom stock maker Gary Goudy has been turning out wonderful custom stocks for a lot of years now. Most went out the door, as soon as they were finished, to his salivating customers awaiting their arrivals. You know the old story about the Cobbler’s kids’ shoes? Well, with all the work turning out customer guns, Gary never had a lot of time left over to work on any for himself. But several years ago, he made a huge swap with the late Don Allen of Dakota Arms. He traded a goodly number of fine walnut gun stock blanks for the making of a Dakota Traveler rifle with two barrels, a couple Dakota Legend shotguns imported from Italy, and perhaps another item or two. Now, quite a few years later, the Traveler is finished. Dakota Arms did the metalwork on the rifle. The stock work is by Gary, of course, and eighty-four-year-old Bob Evans adorned the rifle with his elegant blackthorn scroll and inlay work. The rifle barrels are chambered for two Dakota proprietary cartridges, the .375 Dakota and the 7mm Dakota. The rifle will shoot ½ MOA three-shot groups (or better), with either barrel attached. Gary’s plan is to do a lot of hunting with this rifle, and this ensemble is ready to go anywhere in the world and successfully hunt most anything. Photo by Tom Turpin

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  1. There is nothing even remotely PIGish about the MAS45!!! It is an elegant, accurate, very well made .22 training rifle. It may well have been made in France, but it was made on Mauser tooling. They are even more remarkable having been designed during the War. Reconsider your prejudice – you are very wrong with this one.