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Given its near-global presence, the Browning Hi Power goes by many names.
It May Be Surpassed, But There’s Nothing Like a Genuine Hi Power!
Once nearly forgotten, the AR-10 has risen to become a military and civilian favorite.
More than 100-years-old and still going strong. How the iconic 1911 still remains among the best pistol options.
The 1911 has come a long way since Colt's original 1911 Government model.
As another historic John M. Browning design, the first successful rimfire semi-auto pistol would later become the Woodsman.
Developed in 1970, the AK-74 in 5.45X39mm was the Soviet’s answer to the U.S. Army’s M16 in 5.56mm NATO.
Of all the Henry rifles, these five are the top of the bunch.
The 1860 Henry Rifle is among history's most influential firearms designs and continues to soldier on today.
Custom guns are beautiful to behold, but they might also be one of the best firearm investments. Here’s why.
Though highly sought, history has not been kind to L.C. Smith shotgun.
When a gun has been in production for more than 100 years like the SA-22, labeling its design as a ‘success’ is a massive understatement.
A thing of beauty, Turnbull's custom ROCS Mark IV is set to turn heads on and off the range.
Watch a master at work! Turnbull's Tom McArdle freehand engraves an antique Winchester. How steady are your nerves?
There are great deals on vintage shotguns for those willing to shop, but you better ask the right question before putting cold, hard cash on the table.
There were a number of great American double-barrel shotguns from the late 19th and early 20th centuries that remain highly collectible and fine shooters.