Giveaway: Win “Concealed Carry 2nd Edition”

Giveaway: Win “Concealed Carry 2nd Edition”

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In yesterday's blog post, you got a look inside Massad Ayoob's new book, Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry 2nd Edition. Here's your chance to win a copy.

Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry 2nd Edition hits bookstore shelves within days, but this week we're giving away a copy to one lucky winner.

Need tips on choosing your first concealed carry handgun? This primer will help.

To enter the random drawing, just post a comment below answering the following question: Have you ever had to draw your gun in self defense? Or has it remained in its holster, and you hope it stays that way?  As always, you can also just say you’d like to win the book.

Entries will be accepted until midnight Tuesday (Sept. 18, 2012) and we’ll announce the winner Wednesday (Sept. 19). Good luck!

One entry per person, please.
Entries accepted until 11:59 pm Central Time Tuesday, September 18, 2012.
Winner will be selected at random and announced Wednesday, September 19, 2012.

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  1. I’ve never had to pull my weapon.
    I hope I never do, but I stay alert and avoid situations that could get out of hand.
    I keep my weapon clean, oiled, and accurate…just in case.
    And yes, I would love to win your book too!

  2. I have had to use my firearm in self defense in the line of duty. As a citizen I hope to never be put in the position requiring me to use deadly force. As a CCW instructor I really emphasize the responsibility of using a firearm to defend yourself. Winning the book would be great.

  3. I’ve never pulled a weapon in self-defense, and I hope I never need to. However, to protect my family, I wouldn’t hesitate.

    And yes, I’d love to own that book!

  4. I just got my CCW permit here in Colorado and now carry every day. I left California over 5 years ago and love it here in Colorado for many reasons including the ability to carry concealed (almost nobody gets a permit in California and like Chicago, criminals know they have an unarmed populace to exploit). I have Mas Ayoobs book “In the gravest Extreme” and would love to win his concealed carry book!

  5. Well I have never used a pistol and only have fired a M-16 when in the service. Just took my concealed test and passed with 100%. Have not purchased my weapon yet as I am still testing which one I would like to buy. So, with all that said, I hope I never have to use it but I sure would like to win this book to learn alot more.

  6. I want to win this book, too. I’ve never had to use my gun for self defense and I hope I never have to do that. If I had a situation come up where I was up against a knife or gun wielding criminal then I would not hesitate to protect myself or my family!

  7. I am in the process of getting my cwp in Washington state. To answer the question yes I have drawn a weapon when I was young and foolish. I was working late on a Sunday evening and didn’t set the alarm at work ( was in a rough area of town). I was in the back processing (computer system)a file that was taking forever and a day, when the door opened behind me. All I saw was what appeared to be a shotgun. I picked up my Colt series 70 and scared the janitor out of his pants. A couple minutes later his wife knocked on the door and asked if they could clean the room. I felt really stupid. Lesson learned, this happened in the late 80’s, I was mature enough in my 20’s to carry.

    I would love the book as well, big fan of yours on BHM

  8. In general, I’ve led a pretty sedate life. In 51 years, there has been exactly one incident where I *might* have drawn a gun if I had one, and even that is a bit of a stretch.

    Having said that, I have had enough bolt-out-of-the-blue things occur to make me appreciate that life contains a certain amount of chaos, and sometimes “stuff” just happens. Maybe it was the time the tornado missed my house but dropped a tree on my truck parked 10 feet away. Or the time I was driving down a winding country road late one night and nearly hit a horse at 60 mph. Or cruising through a green light at 60 mph only to notice, just too late, that the guy approaching on the cross street wasn’t stopping. Try as we might, we simply cannot predict everything that might happen in our lives. Ten seconds before each of these events, I had inkling of what was about to happen.

    Point is, the next such event could just as easily be a violent encounter. Might as well be prepared for it.

    Anyway, I carry regularly, never had to draw in anger, hope I never have to.

  9. I have only had my gun out when someone entered our garage to steal. We called the Sheriff and I had my pistol out in case he tried to come inside the house. I’ve never had to draw it out in public.
    Would love to win the book!

  10. My concealed weapons permit is in the mail, so I don’t have any experience carrying. But I’ve never been in a situation in which i needed a gun. Hopefully it will stay like that!

  11. July 17,2005 Started off just like any other day. I had worked all day and had missed my hair cut appointment which was no big thing since my brother was my barber. I called him up to see if he was wiling to go back to his shop after I got off work and as usual no big deal as one of his friends also wanted a shape up. After we entered the shop the place became a little more popular as an ex-employee came in and began to talk with my brothers friend. In about fifteen minutes two more young men came to the door which I had my brother lock after the ex-employee came in. I felt a sick feeling in my stomach as the four men walked in the salon part of the shop which was out of my line of sight when what sounded like a fight broke out between the four men. My brother who had just finished my hair cut. Went to kick them out of his shop after about 30 sec. the first set of two boys came out of the back room one of witch said the word “GUN” I jumped up and I heard the first shot go off knowing my brother was in the room I was on the way back as I heard the second shot. As I got to the doorway the gunmen shot at me trough the wall after seeing me in the mirror.I came around the corner and the first man came at me forcing me to shoot him twice in the chest. The second man came around the corner withe the gun in his hand when I shot at him and just missed his head my brother had pulled him back and shoved him trough the wall saving his worthless life.
    My brother and I we had to stand around holding the second man and wait as the police showed up to arresting the one man the other had made it out of the shop and to his car where his friend took him to the hospital where he would survive his wounds my brother who had been hit in his side he was made to stay at the scene for six hours before he was arrested for a drug deal that had been going on in the back room of his barber shop. I was charged with carrying a firearm without a permit the charges we later dropped.But not before I had to spend 16 hours locked up when I received bail it was set at $250,000 after bonding out I contacted a lawyer and retaining council $3,500. I tell you these sums so you can decide that being judged by twelve is so much better than being carried by six but you need to be ready for what comes with it I now have a concealed carry permit. I also received my pistol back from the police after the court case against the young men was over.

  12. Like my husband, I want to come home ever time. I’ll draw and fire to defend myself and family from some creep that wants to hurt us. I hope I’ll never be placed in that position, but won’t hesitate.

    • Oops, I forgot to answer the question! I’ve had to pull my gun exactly one time…on my former father-in-law! (My wife at the time, his step-daughter, pulled her gun on him at the same time!) Thankfully, he quickly got the message and turned tail to run. So far that has been the one and only time I’ve ever had to pull my gun in public, and I sincerely hope it stays that way!!!

      The only other time my gun has ever been used in a possible defensive situation is when I was in college and my mother’s boyfriend, who was supposed to be flying to California, came home unexpectedly at 03:00 one night. He tried to avoid waking any of us up, but it didn’t work out that way. Hearing a commotion in the living room, and suspecting a break-in (a few weeks earlier someone had tried to kick in our front door), I got up to check it out armed with my then carry gun, and HK USP40 Compact. I saw his Corvette in the garage and lowered my HK just moments before he came around the corner & saw me. Even though the gun was never pointed at him, or even in his general direction, he still damn near wet himself. In retrospect it was pretty funny, and we’ve both laughed about it since, but at the time it was pretty scary for both of us!

      I know that all the experts say that if you hear someone breaking into your home you shouldn’t go looking for them. Just lock the bedroom door, call the police & let them handle it. That’s good advice IF you know for sure that someone has in fat broken into your home and IF there is no one you have to protect. However, in the real world calling the police every time you hear a scary noise is akin to the little boy who cried wolf. If the real wolf ever shows up the police aren’t going to be in any hurry to check out what they will consider to be just another false alarm! Sometimes you have to look for yourself.

  13. In (7) Seven years in Law Enforcement I have had to pull my weapon only once, Did not have to use it thank God!
    I am now Medically retired but still carry and I hope I will never have to pull it on another person again!

  14. So far I’ve never had to draw my CCW out of it’s holster. However, there have been several times when I’ve been glad to know that it is in it’s holster.

  15. I have never had to use it, but am often glad to be able to carry it. I also am truly appreciative of Massad Ayoob’s teachings on all aspects of the matter.

  16. I have only pulled a gun out once and on two other occasions as soon as the other party realized I had a gun the encounter was over. I was working at night and had to make night deposits and this bank was set up where you had to get out of the card and walk a few steps to the night deposit which was next to to the ATMs.

    The one where I actually drew my gun was someone who came in my office late in the evening. He was bigger than me and talking trash, I figured that one of the employees put him up to it. He saw the laser flashing under the barrel, looked down and saw the flashing red dot on his chest. The individual stopped and backed out of my office.

    The employer I had at the time required that the dispatchers be armed. This was a delivery service and the biggest worry was being robbed by their own employees. I never had that problem but then again it was made clear to employees that the dispatchers were armed.

    I never called the police on any of these because the problem had been averted and I didn’t want to spend hours talking to the police while they second guessed my actions.

    BTW, I consider these the preferred way for guns to function, the presence of the gun ended the encounter without injury to me or them.

    I was very glad though when I found another job so that wasn’t an issue anymore.

  17. I have not had to draw my firearm, however, my wife has twice. Furthest I’ve had to go was unsnapping when I was being followed on foot. I pray we never have to use our firearms in self-defense. I would also like to add this book to my collection of read books.

  18. I don’t just carry a weapon..I have a relationship with my weapon. I use it often at the range, (to maintain skills) I clean it meticulously when I’m finished and I treat it like a friend who would be there for me in a critical and life or death situation. I admire and respect the power that it posseses and yet like our military, I don’t look forward to engaging the bad guys but the reality is..they are out there. Having a weapon has allowed me to defend my right to live from those who don’t value my rights or anybody else’s. To date..haven’t had to meet that challenge.

  19. Many times throughout my 33 year law enforcement career I have had to draw my weapon with the possibility of using deadly force. Working SWAT and other high risk assignments put myself ad my partners at risk every day. Fortunately we had superb training and although fear was always there, my training always kicked in to get the job done.

  20. I’ve never had to draw my gun but still practice drawing it regularly so that it is just muscle memory at this point. I’d love to win the book too.

  21. Howdy: Yup, as a recently new RailRoad Police Officer, within a year or so, I had to pull my weapon in response to a knife threat.

    It was on a recently arrived freight train. As I was making my way down the newly arrived cars, around 0200, I spotted movement inside of a empty freight car. I lit it up with my flashlight, identified myself as railroad police and ordered a couple transients out, informing them that they were trespassing, and had to leave.

    First one gathered his stuff and followed my directions out of the rail yard and off the property. The second one, upon hitting the ground between the two sets of cars, spun around with a 12 inch butcher knife towards me. I had him illuminated with my Kel-Light, about 20 feet distant. I immediately pulled my .357, ordered him to drop the knife or die, then and there. He hesitated a moment, I repeated my commands, again stating I was a railway police officer,while holding a bead on his heart.
    in a two handed stance. In a few seconds,as it must have sunk into his head, as he dropped the knife, stepped back and I cuffed him up and marched him out of the yard across the tracks to my office, where I called the PD for transport. He got 6 months for Trespass and AWDW, and I went home alive and well. Thank you Lord and St Michael, for my safety and the outcome!

  22. I have been carrying for about 20 years now and have never had a reason to draw my weapon. I hope I never have to but there is always a chance. Being Handicapped I’m a walking target!

  23. Draw it in self-defense, no. Draw it to ensure that I wouldn’t have to shoot in self-defense, yes. But to clarify, I was AFOSI Special Agent at the time.

    And, yes, I’d love to win the book.

  24. Never drawn in anger, but always prepared. To quote Mr. Colt, “An armed society is a civilized society.” And I’d love to win the book!

  25. I would like to read the book. Mr. Ayoob’s blog comments and contributions to Self Defense TV seem to describe a practicle individual not given to dramatic invention. I have never had to draw a weapon in defense and hopefully never will.

    • I Had my gun store stickers on my car along with my large S&W sticker and a big buff guy came up started honking his horn in his BMW trying to stare me down because we both changed lanes at the same time (as I was in the right of way). And after I just sat back and smirked at him not feeling intimidated and kept driving by him not cowering to his intimidation he realized I wasn’t afraid and he saw the stickers and hit the brakes pretty hard and stayed way back beyond my car.
      I would love to think that having the stickers and failing to be afraid of a bully stopped a possible threat.

  26. I’m a 100% disabled veteran, with very strong beliefs in our Constitution and the 2nd amendment. Those fellow comrades in arms, we took and oath to support and defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic;
    As military members we fought to keep our freedoms, at the same time I should be able to fight and protect my family and property, as well as others around me.
    I would be honored to read his book, I have saw his videos too.

  27. Haven’t had to use it yet but want to be ready if or when the need occurs!! With this book I would get more tools and knowledge to go with it!!

  28. I would love to win this book, I just got my CCW permit, So I have not needed to use my weapon, but will be prepared if the need arises. Thanks for the giveaway

  29. My gun has remained in its holster, and I sincerely hope it stays that way.

    I’ll take any Massad Ayoob book I can get; if I already have it (don’t in this case) I’ll give it a good home. I already stock a few extra copies of _In the Gravest Extreme_ and _The Truth About Self-Protection_ to give to people who need them.

  30. I have never had to draw my weapon and hope to never have to. That being said, anyone who carries reconciles themselves to the fact that someday they may have to. I would love to win this book and gain more insight into the practice of concealed carry from Mr. Ayoob.

  31. I’ve never had to draw for self-defense reasons and I hope it stays that way. But it doesn’t stay in the holster either; one needs to practice to always be ready!
    Ayoob’s book would be very helpful.

  32. I would like to receive a copy of this book.

    While I’ve just started carrying, I am still struggling with all the responsibility that carry entails.


  33. I have been a security guard off-and-on for the last 40 years. I have been fortunate never to have had to draw my weapon except on the range.

  34. > Have you ever had to draw your gun in self defense?
    > + Not yet, but I am prepared.

    “They also serve who only stand and wait.” – John Milton

  35. I drew my weapon one time for someone who had walked into my house when I left the door unlocked and I wasn’t expecting someone. Fortunately, my “target” was identified as an elderly person that was confused and went to the wrong address thinking they were home. I actually re-holstered so fast, they never knew thew were being drawn on.

  36. I have never had to draw my weapon, and I hope I never have to. I would love to win this book so I could be beter prepared if it is ever nessissary.

  37. Hello.
    Here are my answers.
    NO. I have never had to draw my gun in self-defense yet (thank God).
    Yes, it has remained in my holster, and I hope it stays that way. (with the exception of practice at the range,
    and regular cleaning & upkeep).

    Good day

    American Patriot.

  38. One evening I thought I heard someone trying to kick in the front door. Turns out it was just the wind nearly ripping my storm door off it’s hinges, and cracking the door jamb. I was sitting on the couch with my concealed weapon, as always, and it was comforting to be able to draw my pistol before approaching the front door to determine what was happening.

  39. I’ve never had to but had an episode with a motorist’s road rage that had me wondering if I might and darned glad that I had my Austrian friend with me.

    And I’d like to win the book.

  40. Only time I’ve had to draw was at the range on carboard. Like everyone else, it’s a last resort means I hope will never arrive, but I sleep better knowing it’s there.

  41. Have never yet pulled my gun. I hope i never have to. I do belive I could if I had to and i know that you can always learn more so I want to win this book!

  42. Have not drawn. Had LFI-1 and other excellent training available to citizens. Have several worn Ayoob books & videos, but not Gun Digest Book of Concealed Carry. Zimmerman case (here in FL) is eye opener on what can go down after the shot is fired. Need the MAG40; couldn’t make it this year, but need to empty loads of brass in preperation for next year’s opportunity. Missed that signed dollar by 1 last time — close, but no cigar. Oh yeah… I WANT THIS BOOK!!! Thx.

  43. I’ve had to draw mine twice, once to defend myself and once to save a woman whose boyfriend was pistol whipping her in a parking lot of a club where I worked. But I’d prefer not to have to draw it at all. But like the old saw says, “It’s better to have a gun and not need it, than to need a gun and not have it!”

    Free gun books (especially Free Massad Ayoob books)are always a good thing!

  44. I am currently awaiting my ltch and hope I never have to draw. Hoping to win the book. Trying to read/watch and train for any scenario that I hope to never be put in but want to be prepared to protect myself and my family. Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome prize.

  45. I live in a won’t-issue area of a may-issue state, so I’ve never had the opportunity to carry, much less draw. I’m hoping to move somewhere with more sanity in the future, but glad I haven’t needed to so far.

  46. I’ve never had to draw my weapon, but due to the training I’ve received in the military and in the civilian side, I’m confident that if necessary I would have the skill and mental fortitude to do it. Love Massad Ayoob’s articles in Backwoods Home. Keep up the good work.

  47. I almost had mine drawn to stop a very large dog running at my wife and mother in law but a strong loud command of stop from me stopped him. His owner came from across the street and put him back in his back yard. I pray i never have to draw my pistol in defense of myself and family.

  48. Since I started shooting and carrying with a CCW here in NC I’ve been blessed with never having to draw, display or even threaten it’s use. And if God wills it I will never have to.

  49. I carry a “bad breath” .25 cal semiauto anytime I’m dressed. I live in a rural sub development prone to having dogs on the loose. So far, my walking stick has been sufficient deterrent, but…

    I have never been in a situation to have to draw my concealed carry gun. I have no intention of shooting anyone who doesn’t need it. But I feel it is my duty as a citizen of this blessed nation to be an armed American, ready and able to defend my life or liberty, or that of my family.

    I’d like to win the book so I can read it and pass it on…!

  50. I carried as an armed weapons gaurd in the US Navy for six years and I’ve carried on and off as a civilian and never had to draw. Better prepared and nothing than unprepared and have something go down. I’d like to be better prepared – smarter not more!

  51. The best fight is the one that’s avoided. Its better to seek a line of retreat while maintaining readiness yellow. No, I’ve never had to draw, but it does not stay in the holster. There’s practice, practice, practice! Please enter me in the drawing for Mr. Ayoob’s Book.

  52. Can’t carry in the Grate State of California. As such, I’ve never drawn a weapon.

    Which is not to say I haven’t had the need. Years ago, I was robbed at gunpoint by two “Victims of Society”. They were initially VERY concerned about me having a weapon. When it was ascertained that I did not have one, they proceeded to professionally rough me up.

    The realization that if those bastards did not want me to have a firearm, THEN I DAMN WELL BETTER GET ONE, started me on my still ongoing gunnie journey.

    Sometime soon, my company will flee California, and we’ll hopefully repatriate to somewhere that abides by the Constitution. I’ll certainly carry then.

  53. Twice I have had to reach for my .45. Once after a match and driving home I came upon a couple of ya-who’s that thought it was great fun to block the road every time I tried to pass,(it was at night), they turned off before anything happened. The other time I was at home, I heard and felt a crash against our house, I went outside with my .45 held behind me and found out it was about 5 neighborhood teenagers roughhousing.Luckily none of them thought they had to show how tough he was by pulling a knife. My wife just lost some knick-knacks that fell off the wall

  54. I have only had to draw my gun in self-defense once, to fend off an attacker who was threatening me with a large butcher knife. Fortunately, I did not have to shoot.

    I can’t wait to see the new 2nd edition of this book because the first edition is the best book about concealed carry that I’ve ever read. I bought one for myself & three more, which I gave away as gifts. This one should be even better. I hope I can win a copy of it.

  55. Have CC’d for 10 yrs & never had to draw my weapon, thanksfully, but am always prepared to do so. Have always found Massad an excellent source of information in many areas & have put most, if not all of it into practice.

    Knowledge is the greatest form of self-defense, but only slightly ahead of my Glock!

  56. I do a lot of hunting and only recently got my concealed carry permit, but have never had to raise a firearm in self defense yet. Hopefully won’t have to, either, but I am a father with young children and want to do my best to keep my family protected. In our household firearms are not mysterious forbidden items, rather tools that are extremely dangerous if mis-handled and requiring the utmost respect. I aim to arm my children with the knowledge and consideration due firearms before they ever even handle one. Then of course they’ll eventually grow up to be better shots than me, but I’ll deal with that when it happens 🙂

  57. I just recently got my concealed carry permit and while I hope I never have to use it I plan to be as prepared as possible. I put in a lot of range time, invest in good gear, read a lot of articles and constantly scour the internet for books like this to buy!

  58. I have a many choices to carry, among my favorite is my S&W .357 Scandium 7 shot, it is light and reliable and fun to shoot with .38s.

  59. Never have had to draw down on anyone and hope I never have to. I also recommend Massad Ayoob’s book “In the Gravest Extreme”. Anyone that carries concealed at the very least should read that book as well.

  60. i did hold someone at gunpoint until cops showed up. i used to work for the ct state police special licensing and firearms unit. i was on my way home and some one tried to pull me over impersonating a police officer. in this very liberal state that book of information would come in so handy for me.


  61. I’ve carried as a civilian for about 4 years now and have never had a confrontation that required me to draw my firearm. Hope I never have to, but understand the potential legal and personal consequences if it ever happens. I served as a reserve police officer for almost 8 years and had to draw my pistol a couple of times as well as carry an 870 into several bank holdup alarms, all of which were, fortunately, accidental trips. Carrying a firearm is a heavy responsibility, not to be taken lightly.

  62. I’ve never had to draw my weapon and I am very thankful for it. I practice to be ready for something I hope I never have to do 🙂 I do know quite a few people that have had to draw in different situations so it’s important to be prepared!

  63. I have never had to use a concealed weapon, and I have lived where they are not allowed. That said, I have used a .22 rifle to kill pigs and dogs that were causing problems around my home. I support the Second Amendment and see the need for firearms at home.

    Please allow me to enter the drawing for Massad Ayoob’s new book.


  64. I was just discussing this last night. I’m so glad I took steps to protect my family under extreme circumstances but I certainly hope that it never comes to that.

  65. I have never had to and hope I never will. I have just begun carrying all day, everyday and it is a huge relief to kno that I can defend myself with up to lethal force if absolutely necessary.

  66. I almost had to draw, once. Two guys came up to my apartment to “teach me a lesson” because I had called the police on one of them when I thought he was beating up his girlfriend yet again. When the bathrobe was swept back and my hand was on the pistol, the conversation became polite and ended quickly with the two beating feet fast down the steps to the ground floor. I hate to think how it would have messed up my life, and his, if he had taken another step or two towards me.

    I have actually needed a gun twice in my life for incidents that happened. Once I didn’t have one and was stomped into unconciousness, the second time I did have have one and got through it without a scratch.

    The bad people aren’t stupid, just vicious.

  67. My late wife used to poke fun that I would carry a gun my whole life and never have to use it. I would reply “from your lips to God’s ears.” Nothing could be finer than living my life never experiencing a threat against my life.
    Several months ago, I went to my synagogue one evening, after dark, to take care of some building maintenance tasks that fall to me in my role as chair of the Buildings and Grounds Committee. A small car was parked on our parking lot, in a dark shadowy area at the edge of the pavement furthest away from the building. Three teenage boys or young adult men were loitering near the car. I couldn’t tell what they were doing; probably drinking beer, smoking pot or just hanging out. I parked my car near the building, got out and started walking towards them. My intent was to inform them that they were on private property and to ask them to state their business. After just a couple of steps in their direction, they ran to their car and peeled out. Due to the position of my parked car in the main driveway and my presence next to it, their escape was blocked so they departed via the rear drive onto a side street. Since we are located on a short peninsula, there is only one way out and I knew they would have to come around the building and drive past the main driveway entrance. I slow-jogged out to the street, so that when they turned the corner I was in the middle of the street, flagging them down to stop and talk to me. I still just wanted to talk to them and tell them to take whatever they were doing someplace else.
    Surprisingly, the engine roared and the driver accelerated at me full throttle. I was aware that my life was now under threat, so I swept back my cover shirt and gripped my Ruger LCR loaded with Corbon DPX .38+P loads. The car would be on me in about five seconds but time slowed down, my vision narrowed and I was able to evaluate several what-if scenarios. All I could see were those two headlights and all I could hear was the high revving exhaust note. I thought: my life is under threat; I’m justified to defend myself with lethal force. But I initiated the confrontation; shades of George Zimmerman; am I really justified? I pictured myself in court, on trial for murdering one or more unarmed teens, trying to explain why I needed to talk to these guys so badly that someone had to die for it. Clearly, drawing the gun and pulling its trigger will ruin my whole evening; is it really worth my life’s savings and possibly years in prison just to find out what they had been doing on the synagogue’s parking lot? What if I do shoot the driver? The car would still be barreling at me, but now out of control. I could easily die, too. These guys are just youngsters! Do I really need to engage?
    Ultimately, I decided to deescalate. I retained a grip on the still-holstered revolver, but stepped out of their traffic lane. If the driver had changed his path towards me, I would have drawn and fired. Instead, just as I cleared his path, he hit the brakes hard, demonstrating that he had never intended to hit me. He slowed, saw me step aside, and immediately accelerated and was gone. I never drew the gun, and they never saw it, but they should have recognized from my stance that I was about a fraction of a second from drawing down on them. In the end, I was thrilled that I had gotten to experience the physiological symptoms that Mas has described so often, particularly the slowing down of time, but didn’t get myself into legal hot water. During those few seconds of actual threat against me, my mind had such clarity of thought as I wouldn’t have imagined being possible.

  68. I lived in Detroit, Michigan all my life an have had my cpl for over 7 years and I’m fortunate enough to say I’ve never had a need to draw my weapon. Like most folks who live and work in my downtrodden metropolis, we go by the philosophy of we’d rather have it and not need it then need it and not have it.

  69. I’ve only had to draw my gun once when a known aggressive dog came towards me on my property. Its owner they called it back home and scolded one of this children for not putting it into the kennel. But I do carry all the time outside the house due to its rural location. And yes, it would be great to win a book from the Master.

  70. Never actually drew my pistol but without reading what Mas has written, probably would have in ignorance. Thanks for a chance at the 2nd edition!

  71. Ayoob is always mindful of real world consequences and awareness. I’ve never had to draw, and I hope it stays that way as it means that my family hasn’t had to face the gravest extremes. I’d love to have this book.

  72. Yes, I’ve had to draw a CCW. It was against a vicious dog that had attacked me from behind. Thankfully I didn’t need to shoot. I was worried about my rounds ricocheting off the cobblestone road on which the dog was jumping around looking for a way to continue his attack. The owner came running out of their house and got control of the animal before it was too late.

  73. I have drawn once, but it was a growling dog that rushed my baby in her stroller. The dog reacted to the movement or sensed something and ran away with tail tucked.

    I would love this book.

  74. Once, a long time ago, I and a friend were about to enter a small town gun shop on an early fall evening when a car came screaming down the street and skidded to a stop right in front of us. The driver, a rather poorly dressed young man that we did not know, started yelling at us, reached into the back seat, put something in his pocket, and began to approach us in a menacing fashion. The car passenger remained inside. I drew my concealed 357 Magnum and ordered him to stop. Instead, he diverted to my friend and took a swing. Unfortunately for him my friend proceeded to clean the sidewalk with him. The car’s passenger got out and began to approach, but did not approach as I had him covered with the muzzle. Soon the gun shop proprietor, a seasoned National Guard Sergeant, came out and suggested that Rob let the poor fellow up. He then staggered back to his car and cleared out right before the police showed up. In retrospect, drawing the gun may not have been appropriate, but it worked, and the cops didn’t care.

  75. Nope. I was unable to attend the MAG-20 Classroom “Armed Citizens’ Rules of Engagement” in Saukville, WI so the Book would be nice to have.

  76. As A Miltary Cop yes but as a civilan no and I work hard to never have to by really watching were I go, what I do and what is going on around me. I pray i never have to but I train so I can

  77. Im not allowed to concealed carry as I currently live in San Diego, But im in the process of moving and will begin to do so when I get to a much more reasonable place to live

  78. I have owned guns since 1983, but have only started to carry regularly since 2009. Have not had to draw or use it in self-defense.

  79. I certainly do want your book. I am a minister, travel in all kinds of places, day and night. It is good to know as I carry concealed, in condition yellow and aware, if I had to defend myself or my family, I could. Years ago I found myself following a disabled woman’s son (high on PCP), using my CB to keep the police informed all the time. I was trying to keep the 21 yr. old son from killing a homeowner he had threatened. The owner had fired the young man because he had done sloppy work on their pole barn. The son had just slammed his wheelchair bound mother into the family room wall moments before and left to kill the homeowner. She called me and I arrived in time to follow his truck with a .30-.30 rifle in the back window of his truck.Finally, unable to find the homeowner’s house, the young man came back to his mother’s home to find 6 beefy, over six foot tall PA State troopers waiting for him. It took all six to get the young man down, disarmed and handcuffed. Safe and so was I. My pistol was with me on my car seat. The mother was one of my parishioners.

    • Came close to pulling it out when an aggressive dog came into my garage when my son and I came home one night. I was able to scare her away with voice commands. I pray I never have to use it.

  80. I managed a Gun Shop for 16 years. I had to fire an employee one morning and he said he was going to kill me. I unholstered my 1911 and told him to get at it if he was going to. He settled down and left. I should have had him arrested but didn’t even consider it at the time.

  81. I have used a fire arm in defence of my life many times, I know what they can do and it is not something that makes you feel all powerful but something that makes you feel regret in having to use it, however I will use it in my defence and the defence of my fellow man even those who would take this God give right away if they had the opportunity. Each time I put it on I pray that it stays where it is.

  82. Never had to and go out of my way to try and assure I don’t. Ayoob’s info is probably the highest on my list of what must be done in case the worst happens and the weapon has to be drawn.

  83. Pray everyday that I’ll never have to use it, but enjoy the comfort it povides knowing I and family are not helpless.
    I’ve dogeared Mas’ old edition, need a new one.

  84. I have the first edition and it’s very informative. I’ll get the 2nd for sure.

    I just attended Masaad Ayoob’s MAG40 – a great class. I’ve never had to draw my gun, but I’m a lot more knowledgeable about the whole legal and practical situation after taking his class.

  85. Would love a copy of this book. One of the best, knowledgeable men alive, learn from him! Would love to take a class from him!Never had to draw my gun. Hoping I will never have to, but will be prepared to if I do.

  86. I carry every where that is legal… Often times I have a BUG as well. You just never know. I look forward to reading the new book.

  87. I am very new, as a shooter, and not yet carrying routinely (partly because I live half the year in Canada). I am trying to learn about it, though, and prepare myself– that is why I want the book. I have been in a situation where I would have been justified in drawing and using a weapon, but was not armed at that time.

  88. I’ve never had to draw my weapon in self defense. I work with a pro to learn more about self defense, awareness and how to avoid a confrontation!

    I’m excited Massad has new book out and yeah, I’d love to win it!

  89. No, I have never had to draw my gun, but my husband always makes me stay “frosty” with certain scenearios that may possibly occur.

  90. Yes, and wouldn’t be here to type this if I hadn’t had a gun with me. Thankfully, I didn’t have to fire, and if I never need a gun again, I’m fine with it – but it will always be there if I need it.

  91. I have never had to clear leather outside of the range, and every morning when I slip my sidearm on, I say a little prayer that I will never have to do so.

  92. Yes I had once. Didn’t shoot. I’m ready anytime I might need it in the future. I want to share my passion with other women, so this book would really help!!! Thank you!

  93. I have never had to draw a weapon before. I have just applied for my Concealed Carry Permit and I would appreciate the chance to read your book. BTW I also appreciate your YouTube video titled, “Tips When Stopped By Police and Carrying a Firearm”

  94. In all of the time that I have carried, I have never had to draw my gun. I will be happy if it stays that way. I have never needed my seatbelt either but I still buckle it every time I get into a car.

  95. Only once and then it was at home and the gun, a S&W .357 Magnum was on night stand duty. We were awakened after midnight by someone knocking on the door and I took the gun with me when I answered. I couldn’t see the man’s face, he was close to the door with a bill cap on under the light, and the porch light wasn’t shining on his face. I didn’t like his posture or something so I went around to another room where I could see him from a different angle through a window and was shocked to see a second man with a baseball bat standing right next to the door, pressed up against the wall. I tapped on the glass with the muzzle, both turned, looked at the muzzle with the porch light shining on it through the window and ran for their car.

  96. Would love the book. I work as an armored car messenger and have had my gun
    Out a couple of times. Never when on my own time. Hope not too again. Graduated LFI back in ’96. Need a refresher.

  97. Yes I have. Then when the person showed me he was not armed he still came at me to fight saying now what are you going to do. I secured my weapon and delt with it and he stopped by the hospital and then went to jail. One should always prepare for war and hope for peace. For many we are seeing it is easy to pull your weapon. But knowing if and when? There’s a question many should ask.

  98. The only time I have had to draw my gun in self defense was to kill a rattlesnake that was about to strike my friend. I hope I never have to use it against a snake of the two-legged variety, but I’m glad it’s there if I need it.

    • Only once have I carried because of specific threat – an escape convict [murder, first degree] who believed that I was responsible for his incarceration. I took more than one person, but I sure did my part! This happened three [believe it!] times. Other than that, I carry because I choose not to be a victim, in my home or outside. I find that the community of gun people is a friendly community of decent people. They are the LAST ones that anyone would need to be concerned about. Now, if I only could convey that thought to certain big city mayors!

  99. I have never brandished or fully drawn my weapon to defend myself, though my flashlight has proven my readiness a few times. What I tell the people that stay friends despite disenjoying the fact that I carry when they ask why I have it: “First and foremost, it is for my protection. When I am with others, that protection extends to the least able to defend themselves. (If I am talking with a lady that is a friend) Honestly, I would prefer that you had the weapon, training, willingness, and awareness yourself, than me. But, you have to procure these on your own.”

  100. I have never had to draw, although I believe in knowing how to if the time ever came. I hope it never does. Would love to win the book. I enjoy reading anything from Massad Ayoob.

  101. Yup, I’ve had to draw. Several times. But luckily never on a human. But I have been shot at three times.

    Although I’ve not drawn on a fellow man, I have made the presence of my gun known in hopes of avoiding the draw.

  102. Yes, I have had to pull my gun in self defense, luckily I never had to fire it and I’d like to keep it that way! I worked for an armored car company for about 7 years in southern California and had to draw my gun on a couple people that thought robbing me would be a good idea. They changed their minds.

  103. I have never had to draw my gun in self defense and I hope I never have to. I am ready to do so if I ever need to. I would love to have the book-I was looking at it on Amazon recently and thinking that it should be in the library of all who are interested in CC.

  104. I’ve never had to draw since becoming a CCW person. I have had to visibly make movement toward my weapon by using my weak hand toward lifting my shirt once. I was exiting a Shopping Mall just at dusk dark when a couple of guys were to intently following my wife and I into the parking lot. We circled around a couple of cars back toward the store where I turned after reaching the door. They turned away, like they were just joking, but they got in a truck and left.
    This book would e part of a lending library of personal friends and others interested in Concealed Carry. Plus its from Massad Ayoob, How cool is that??

  105. I don’t have a carry permit yet, but when a guy showed up at my in-laws claiming a woman was after him with a shotgun, I sure wanted to have my pistol on me.

  106. No. I was lucky enough to ONLY have to retrieve my gun while my downstairs neighbor pounded on my apartment door threatening to kill me. THEN I called 911.

  107. It’s one thing to draw and shoot in practice or during USPSA and IDPA events. I really hope that I never need to draw my gun in anger. However, I AM prepared, both physically and mentally.

  108. Once, my kids left our front door unlocked and an old man, seemingly high wandered in. My wife and I were caught off guard and he asked us “what are doing in my house?” I said “You’re mistaken, this is my house!”
    At this point he asked to use the bathroom which was right there where he was standing. We let him go to the bathroom.

    My wife and I took the opportunity to arm ourselves.

    We ordered the guy out of the bathroom and asked to see his hands. We both had clear shots, in a cross-fire if needed and cover. Fortunately, he complied and we got him out on the front porch. He seemed confused but we found out later he was faking that, from law enforcement.
    He left and we called the police and to be honest, don’t know what happened to him. We haven’t seen him again.

  109. Never had to draw my gun is self defense. Each night I thank God for that, and each morning pray the passes without the need.

    And I want to win too!

  110. Twice, first while scouting got charged by a feral dog; second – I’m still here and law enforcement has no plans to charge me. I still want the book.

  111. I’ve never had to draw, and hope I never have to. But I drill, practice my marksmanship and constantly work on my mindset so I can do so effectively if the need arises. And yes, I’d like to win the book.

  112. I have never had to draw my weapon, and I hope I never do. But I must remain vigilant and prepared. I would love to have a copy of the book!

  113. In my 59 years I’ve only had to draw it once and that’s where it ended, didn’t have to fire cause he left well enough alone.The book would be some interesting and informed reading.

  114. Yes. Only once ,I was forced off the road by two not so nice looking guys. When they approched my truck I opened my door got out and extended my pistol through the window. They waved, backed up and left.

  115. I have only once even had to suggest using a weapon, and that was just to let it be seen in a non-threatening situation where I just made the point someone should leave my presence.

    I sure hope I never have to really draw down on anyone, but will if that is what it takes to survive myself.

  116. Would be cool to win one of Mr. Ayoob’s books, which always teach us with his valuable insights how to be better at defending ourselves. Thanks for the chance.

  117. Another of Massad’s wonderful books, I would love to add it to my collection of his works. I have been in several close encounters over the past fifty years; but luckly I never had to unholster my weapon.

  118. would love to Win this book. I had to draw and I’m sure that this book would help me alot. Did not need to fire. The presence of the handgun stopped the whole situation. WIN, WIN, WIN!!!

  119. I live in the state of Cook Co.(Illinois)and we don’t have that right. I hope that when we do, the need will never arise but if need be I would.

  120. 44 y/o father of 2. Live in a rural setting. Never drawn it. Never want to. Ready if I need to. Thanks to Massad for writing books like this.

  121. Retired LEO. So far I’ve managed to stay away from any situation where it would be necessary to draw my weapon, but it’s always there if I need it.

  122. A few times while in the Army but, gratefully, none since being issued my CCW license. Took both parts of Ayoob’s MAG20 course – HIGHLY recommend them! If you carry, you definitely need something like them.

  123. Yes, I have had to draw twice. Once when 4 young girls between 11 & 14 ran up to me on a beach in Siesta Key Florida. I was taking my daughters for a late night walk (they were even younger) and the girls ran up crying cause some guys cae after them from a house still being redone from Hugo. When 911 was called they refused to send police cause I couldn’t tell them what street I was by. So I had to take the girls and my daughers past the house as the bridge from the beach to street was conected to the side of that house. I pulled my Glock and yelled to a figure not to move I was well trained and will protect the girls. The officer that showed up thought I should get a commendation bt the girls parents didn’t even speak to me.
    Second time was concerning 2 dogs on after an elderly man.
    I praise GOD in neither situation a shot was fired.

  124. Every time I holster upon going out, I pray that I never have to use it. But, I do all I can to prepare myself, just in case. This book would be another tool to help me be prepared, if the need should ever arise.

  125. Never had to draw my weapon in threat situation. Hope I never have to either but would like to stay informed as to the legal consequences of self-defense…

  126. Yes I have. When out camping with a Dog Obedience Club a Parolee violently assaulted his common law wife in front of us. He was Drunk and attempted to leave the scene afterwords. The Deputies would not arrive for apx 20 minutes after the 911 call was made…He was on his third strike as well…

  127. So far, I have never had to draw my gun for a threat and hope I never have to (but will if needed)!!!!
    I do draw when I practice and will continue that…

  128. Has always been in holster, Where I hope it stays.Would love to win this book. I have only been carrying concealed for about a month. And would like to learn more.

  129. I’ve never had to draw my gun in self-defense. I hope I never have to but I will if I need to do to to save my life or the lives of others.

    Yes, I’d love to win the new book Concealed Carry!!!

  130. I have only drawn twice. Three other times letting the aggressor see I was armed convinced them to leave.

    One incident: I was getting ready to enter the store where I worked through the back door when a man shouted something unintelligible at me. Since a store keeper had recently been killed in just such a situation I turned and pulled my Ruger Blackhawk, 45 Colt, from my holster. My thumb was on the hammer but I didn’t pull it back. The other man was in a car with one hand on the wheel and the other under the dash.
    I shouted to him to show me both hands. He refused. We were in a stalemate until one of my coworkers, who had seen this on the monitor, came out and told the man to leave.
    My coworker’s only comment was that the guys watching on the monitor never believed that I could move so fast.
    Some may not think I reacted appropriately but we had been threatened by a gang with a history of murder and the other incident mentioned above made me rather nervous.


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