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AR-Style Rifle

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It’s of course fitting that on America’s day you should find an opportunity to shoot America’s favorite rifle. Within the past decade plus, the AR in all of its many forms has become without question the most popular rifle in this country by a large margin. It’s lightweight, familiar to many due to its military roots, easy on recoil (in 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem.) and cheaper to shoot than many other centerfire rifles. It’s also incredibly versatile, seeing use as a hunting rifle, a tack-driving target rifle or a personal defense carbine. You can certainly use the AR to punch paper over the Fourth, but if you really want to have some fun – and you’re able to do so where you shoot – set up a course of fire with steel targets rated for centerfire rifle use. Use a timer and compete against your friends and family to see who can engage targets the quickest and earn bragging rights. There are of course many options to choose from, such as this new Springfield SAINT.

There’s no better way to celebrate Independence Day than by enjoying your Second Amendment rights. Here are 10 fun guns sure to put a smile on your face on July Fourth.

The Second Amendment rights afforded to us in this country represent one of the defining aspects of American culture. And as the Fourth of July holiday approaches, it’s important to keep those rights in mind, and to celebrate those rights along with our independence.

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One of the best ways to do that, of course, is to get out and shoot over the holiday.

Above is a list of 10 fun guns to consider for your trip to the range, private land or your own backyard for the Fourth. The list covers a mix of guns that are fun, and in some cases both fun and relevant to our country’s history. It is designed to be relatively broad and inclusive, but does get slightly more specific in some cases.

This list is in no way definitive, nor is it prescriptive. It’s just good fun.

There are lots of fun guns out there. That’s why many of us have large gun safes and more than a few firearms. Some are on this list, and some are not.

Check out the list above to see which guns made the cut, and if you feel something’s been overlooked, let us know in the comments section. All opinions are valid, and these types of debates are always fun.

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Disclosure: These links are affiliate links. Caribou Media Group earns a commission from qualifying purchases. Thank you!

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