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Benelli Ethos 28-Gauge

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Benelli introduced its Ethos shotgun to much fanfare at the 2014 SHOT Show, and in the two years since, the manufacturer has continued to add models to the Ethos line. Last year it was a 20-gauge model, and this year it was a 28-gauge Ethos. Like previous Ethos models, this one incorporates the Progressive Comfort recoil reduction system in the stock and Benelli’s time-tested and field-proven Inertia Driven operating system. The new 28-gauge model is incredibly lightweight at just over 5 pounds, making it a perfect companion for upland hunters walking tough miles through brushy fields. One truly unique thing about the 28-gauge Ethos is that – unlike every other 28 gauge on the market – it has a 3-inch chamber, meaning it can accept Fiocchi’s new 3-inch 28-gauge hunting load, which is much more potent than standard 2¾-inch field loads. Without question, this new Ethos is a great option for upland hunters in the market for a sub-gauge gun. ($2,199;

Although the market for AR-style rifles and concealed carry guns has exploded in recent years, long guns such as shotguns and more traditional rifles have always been, and remain, a huge sector of the firearms industry. Because of this, manufacturers have continued to devote a great deal of resources toward developing all new rifles and shotguns, and toward improving and innovating existing models. Whether you’re a dedicated hunter looking for a dependable gun for the woods or the open prairie, a hardcore long-range shooter searching for something capable of ringing steel at 1,000 yards, or someone wanting a great new plinker for the range, there’s a firearm for you in this gallery of great new long guns.

Editor's Note: This article appeared in the Winter 2016 Gun Digest the Magazine.

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