Gallery: Best Concealed Carry Guns & Gear of the Year


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Our editors and expert contributing writers pick the best concealed carry guns and gear looking back in 2015.

With more and more states enacting laws to allow concealed carry, the number of people applying for and receiving concealed carry permits is higher than ever. Of course, this also means that a larger number of concealed carry guns and accessories are being sold. Manufacturers took notice in 2015 and produced a host of excellent concealed carry products designed to be both comfortable for everyday use and reliable in the event of a deadly encounter.

Our expert writers and editorial staff tested and reviewed these purpose-built products over the course of the year. During our time with these firearms and accessories, we thoroughly researched, tested and reviewed each one, gradually developing opinions regarding their performance and utility. Here are our picks for the best carry guns and gear of 2015.

These staff picks appeared in the Winter 2015 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine. Click here to download the full issue.


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