Editor’s Pick: Personal Defense for Women


Personal Defense for Women

Gila Hayes is one of the most recognized names in teaching, when it comes to self-defense for women, particularly when that self-defense involves a handgun. We’re soon to go to press with her newest book, Concealed Carry for Women, but we thought we’d take a look back at her first volume while we wait for the printer to do its thing with the new book.

Gila's original book, Personal Defense for Women, is just chock full of information that doesn’t age with the passage of time. Inside Personal Defense for Women, today’s woman will find a common sense, head-on-straight approach to dealing with things you hope will never happen. It includes a basic foundation for primary self-defense, such as smart ways to avoid a confrontation in the first place, as well as advice on choosing both firearms and non-lethal defense tools, and ways to stay safe in the places you live, from a coffee shop in a busy city to your car when you’re picking up your kids from school and the parking garage at your office building.

Oh, and with Gila’s help, you’ll discover there’s no adversary too large or threatening to deal with. You go, girl!

Personal Defense for Women should be required reading for every mom, grandmother, aunt, and even your teenage daughters. And having seen the proofs for Gila’s new book, the two make a very complementary pair.

Concealed Carry for Women by Gila HayesClick here to pre-order your copy of Concealed Carry for Women.

Click here to order Personal Defense for Women now!


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