Editors’ Pick: Glock Enthusiast Ultimate Collection

Editors’ Pick: Glock Enthusiast Ultimate Collection

Glock Enthusiast Ultimate Collection

Once you have a Glock, you can’t get enough of them—and we’re here to help!

A couple weeks ago we told you about the debut of Pat Sweeney’s new book Glock Deconstructed. That book has been so well received, we thought we’d put something special together for all you Glock lovers with out “Glock Enthusiast Ultimate Collection.”

And we do mean “Ultimate.” Not only do you get the new and highly entertaining Glock Deconstructed, you get Paul Barrett’s book Glock: The Rise of the American Gun, our DVD Glock: Disassembly & Reassembly, and the Gun Digest digital downloads Gun Digest Presents Gun Facts: The Glock and Gun Digest Magazine February 2012, which shows you how to upgrade your Glock for a fraction of the price of buying a new one.

Got Glock? We do. And now you do, too!

Click here to get your ultimate collection!


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