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  1. My Dad taught me and I’m teaching my son and daughter. I hope they will follow my footsteps and teach their sons and daughters.

  2. I taught myself to shoot handguns by doing a lot of reading and getting out to the range. I was then able many years later to go to some Civilian Firearm classes at a technical college in the area that were excellent.

  3. Did some homework on home defence gun’s,bought one and joined the local range.Now I need to kill some paper,so the book would be nice

  4. I first learned to shoot at Camp Pendelton, Ca as a member of the SeaBees in 1966. I have since refined my shooting as a member of my gun club by shooting in various NRA pistol matches.

  5. I would like to win the book as it would be a valuable resource as the firearms instructor for a ministry security team.

  6. I learned to shoot when I was a teen ager, and more recently training at the gun range as an adult. I would love to win the book!

  7. I learned to shoot at 10 from my grandfather with a .22 rifle. Have not shot a pistol for some time but as I will have a new one soon, this book would come in handy.
    Hope I can win.

  8. Love Gundigest. Just took out subscription. Hope to get my magazines started soon.
    Thank you’

    Robet Smoke
    aka Gunsmoke10

  9. I learned to shoot at my Uncle Curt’s farm in central Illinois at age 12 using a 30″ barrel Winchester ’97 that I could barely lift. Got a rabbit that day and had him for supper.

    Jim Ash

  10. Started with a Marlin Glenfield 60 .22 that I still have, and now is used by my grandsons. Tens of thousands of rounds later it’s in pristine condition.

    • Did yours have the tube magazine or the clip? I had one with a 10-shot clip. It was the first rifle I ever owned and was given to me by my dad. I fell on some hard times many years ago and had to sell it. I wish I had kept it. It was like new. I can’t find one like it anywhere…

  11. I use to shoot dragonflies at the pond in my parents backyard with my bb gun when I was young. I learned to study the wind and anticipate when the dragonfly was going to hover or land someplace.

    My 10 years in the military didn’t hurt my skills either (OIF, disabled vet.)

    I would love to read this book whether I win it or not, but of course winning is always more fun.

  12. can never have enough information on anything you are into, and any type of tactical shooting is always good to know.

  13. I learned to shoot with my trusty red ryder. I took out many a rat at the trash dump before we got those pesty green containers….lol

  14. I learned to shoot on my own as a kid. I wore out a Daisy BB gun, progressed to a pellet gun, then a .22 and eventaully a .22 revolver.

    This book, this book would be helpful to me as a firearms instructor for an LE agency.

  15. Been shooting (Other than BB guns) since 8 yrs old. Always wanting to learn more, particularly about “Tactical” shooting. This book would be good.

  16. Started shooting at scout camp back in the early 70’s. Fell in love with it and still have a great time with it!!!

  17. Avid handgunner, always looking for more training. This book looks to be just the ticket. Send it right away.

  18. Shot bb gun and 22 as a kid. One day I guess I was going for a wing shot and bullet landed close enuf to mom she could hear. She gave me a what-for but didn’t take away my gun but you can bet I was a lot more careful after that. After I left home I didn’t shoot in my adult years. In 2008 I bought my 1st pistol. Shot at the indoor range and learned to shoot IDPA from great people there. The next year I took the Gunsite 150 course. I’ve taken whatever training I can since then. If you choose me please give the book to GlockGunner70.

  19. Started with single shot BB rifle at 6 or 7. Grandma gave me a .22 rifle at age 9 and Dad taught and monitored my shooting. 1st .22 revolver for trapline at 14 (no forms to fill out at that time (1954), and have been shooting and learning ever since.

  20. My dad had gotten me my Daisy BB gun when I was 8 or 9. I got pretty good fairly fast so he taught me how his .22 rifle worked. Once I had taken my Hunter’s Safety Course in 7th grade he gave me his .22 rifle and I received a Winchester 20 gauge pump for Christmas. In ’94 I went and took the Act 235 training course for my security job. That was my last live training course. Since then I have become disabled and cannot afford any type of training. I think this book would give me the information I need in an easy to use format.

  21. My father started me out with a BB gub and , then a 22 rifle. I hope To win thius book, looks facinating.

  22. I’m a winner, sign me up. I learned how to shoot pretty much on my own initially and then attended formal training years later on the job. I had the opportunity to shoot with a former IPSC competitor, Larry Spain, who taught me a lot and who I was always trying to beat. We would shoot steel with 22’s, he was using a S&W 6 shot revolver and I had my Ruger MKII with 10 rounds. I rarely beat him in a stage and only if he missed and had to reload. Didn’t happen very often at all but it was a lot of fun trying.

  23. Basically, I used a BB gun in the 4th grade but true training took place at Fort Polk, in the US Army and solidified in Vietnam 1969. But in reality, there is NEVER enough training or end to learning.

  24. From my father who was a prison guard. Lesson number one : Don’t go anywhere without a gun.

    and of course……. I’d like to win the book.

  25. I would like to win the book. I received no handgun training in the Army (although I had to qualify with the 45), but have since taken private training.


  26. Growing up on a farm as a boy, a BB gun or .22 was never out of arms reach to hone the shooting skills. Shooting sparrows on the barn was the equivalent of a big game hunt!

  27. I really would love to have this book…I have no tactical training whatsoever and it would be a great start before I start taking some training this summer.

    D. Pahl

    govtmule: grandfathers are awesome…those are great memories to hold onto…did a lot of rabbit and squirrel hunting with my “Papa Ernie” as a young boy..

  28. Starting at age 7 or 8, my grandfather would take me to the ditch/revine behind his house and we would shoot his .22 rifle at various debris. At a later age (I can’t remember when) we would take his pistols out and shoot them, too. That is the first experience I had with firearms. My dad and I hunted a little as a teen. As an adult, I’ve just spent as much time as possible at my local range, as well as, some deer, squirrel, and rabbit hunting. I would really like to try some GunSite courses at some point in the future.

  29. It would be a good one to own and read to hear an expert that has real world advice on how to shoot. Love to have it.

  30. I would love to win the book!

    My formal training has involved multiple hours in both tactical handgun and rifle courses and refresher classes.

    Kris Palmer

  31. I don’t have any military training. I learned to shoot by my brother-in-law taking me out to range allowing me to shoot and teaching me a lot. It’s been many years and many more guns since then but still love to shoot. I would love to get the book just to see what it has to offer and what I can improve on.

  32. Being in the U.S. Army with the 1st BN 75th Rangers Airborne, for a few years before being discharged in 1977, I had a lot of training with tactical shooting, but I know things have gotten better as more training and actual combat has came along. I would love to receive the book by Erik Lawrence, so I could see and learn just how much tactical shooting has evolved.



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