AK Book mainThe original AK-47, and its many, many variants, represents one of the most iconic guns in the history of firearms. Designed in the years following World War Two, Mikhail Kalashnikov’s Avtomat Kalashnikova became one of the most prolific and dependable rifles of all time, with the standard model and its plethora of successors seeing use in countless skirmishes, battles and wars across the globe.

Today, in addition to still being used by a number of military forces around the world, many semi-automatic AK rifles have found their way to – or have been produced specifically for – the civilian commercial market. Of course, the AK is not quite as universal to American shooters as its more common contemporary, the AR-15, but there are plenty of folks out there interested in picking up, or learning more about the AK.

For those individuals wanting to expand their knowledge of the AK, Gun Digest is now offering a great deal on two of its best AK resources: the Gun Digest Shooter’s Guide to AKs and the Gun Digest Guide to the Modern AK. Currently, Gun Digest is offering free shipping and 33 percent off on these two books when you buy both together in the Gun Digest AK Book Collection. Regularly priced at $44.98 for both resources, right now they can be had together for the bargain price of just $29.99.

In the Gun Digest Shooter’s Guide to AKs, AK expert and former Soviet Spetsnaz operator Marco Vorobiev provides a comprehensive look at the AK’s history, its inner workings and proper use, how to customize the rifle and detailed market insights on where to buy an AK and how much to spend. With his vast, oftentimes firsthand knowledge of nearly every iteration of the AK and his considerable experience in its operation, Vorobiev offers tons of valuable insights into the AK platform. The book also covers some of the best optics, magazines and accessories for the AK.

The Gun Digest Guide to the Modern AK, on the other hand, focuses more on the AK as a modern tactical firearm. Author Jorge Amselle, an NRA-certified firearms instructor, military veteran and well-versed gun writer, delves into the many upgrades available for the AK platform that bring this 60-plus-year-old design into the modern era. He covers aftermarket accessories such as stocks, handguards and optics mounts and their installation on the rifle, as well as various, AK-specific gunsmithing tips. Also included are reviews of popular AK models currently available, tips and tactics on proper use and a detailed description of the training opportunities open to those who seriously want to increase their capabilities with Kalashnikov’s rifle.

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