The Gune Digest – 1978

 Table of Contents
Dress for the Deluxe Double by Mario Abbiatico 6
Smaller Wheels for the Hunter by Roger Barlow 13
Lee versus Ransom – A Comparison of Handgun Machine Rests by Kenneth L. Walters 16
All Purpose Defense Gun: Colt 45 Auto or Charter 44 Bulldog? By Richard Allen 24
Make That Hunting Trip Pay! By Tom Brakefield 29
D. B. Wesson’s Revolvers and Rivals by Bill Barlow Fors 32
Heat It and Beat It! By Guy L. Aurand 38
Hammers and Fences by Gough Thomas 42
Remington Report 1977 – Winchester News 1977 by Bob Steindler 48
Armi Famars, Gunmakers to the World by John T. Amber 55
The 577 Tranter Revolver by Elmer G. Coffey 59
The Old Man Who Fixes The Guns by Lucian Cary 62
Scope That Air Rifle! By J. I. Galan 69
Matchlocks in Spanish Florida by M. L. Brown 72
Hunting in Europe – 1976 by John T. Amber 82
Sportsmens Blades – from razor to machete by Robert L. Burmeister 90
A Century-Old Razor by Samuel J. Rosenberg 93
The Auto Mag Story. Part Two by Kent Lomont 95
Free-Float That Barrel by Tom Hayes 105
Scopes and Mounts by Bob Bell 108
The Steel Shot Story by Wallace Labisky 115
European Autoloading Pistols by John Robinson 121
A Pair of Aces by John Jobson 124
Gun Proof in Belgium by Lee Kennett 129
Sporting Arms of the World by Larry S. Sterett and the editors 139
Farey International Traps by Roger Barlow 151
Trapshooting’s Stock Artists by Clarence Massey 161
European Hunting & Shooting Exhibition 1977 – The AYA Classic Double, Cross-Eyed Purdey Double – Victor Sarasqueta Double Rifle – Foreigners at the NSGA 1977 by John T. Amber 164
Double Bullets! By V. R. Gaertner 171
NSGA ’77 – U.S. Rifles and Shotguns by Bob Steindler 179
Peep Show by A. M. Wynne, Jr. 184
The 220 Swift – Saint or Sinner? By John E. Ross 188
Long Gun Report ’77 by Larry Sterett 194
Handgun Report by George C. Nonte, Jr. and the editors 202
Money in the Bank by V. P. Kisner 215
Handloading Review by George C. Nonte, Jr. and the editors 218
Tuning & Shooting Ruger’s Blackhawk by Guy Lautard 225
Testfire Report by Larry S. Sterett 230
Silhouette Scope Test by John T. Amber and A. M. Wynne 236
Federal’s Premium Loads by Clifford R. Dempster 238
Day’s Flintlock Double by Ron Wozny 241
Walther’s G.S.P. Match Pistol – Cal. 32 S&W Long by John Robinson 243
The Congressional Connection by John A. Mosher 245
Custom Guns and their makers 246
The Wicliffe ’76 by Bob Steindler 251
Poor Man’s Double by Harold O. Davidson 254
French Military Collection by Raymond Caranta 257
Art of the Engraver masters of metalwork 258
Shooter’s Showcase new products reviewed 263
American Bulleted Cartridges by Kenneth L. Waters 265