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  1. On the bright side, he is shinning it in the eyes of the bad guy, distorting his night vision. But the shooter is holding the light in front of his face, which the bad guy is going to aim for the light, also can’t tell from the picture but he should just use the momentary on to to spot the BG and distort and disorient him, lastly he shinning the light on his shooting hand, ruining his sight picture, won’t be able to see the front sight and letting the BG use his hand as target and see where the weapon is.

  2. Shooter’s light is behind the weapon, illuminating it and reflecting brightness back into the eyes, which will impair vision of the target. The hand holding the light could be employed in one of several ways to support the shooting hand, which would also have the benefit of locking the light into better alignment with the sights. Thanks for the chance.

  3. I agree with Skeece on all accounts. The young unmannered children (15-30 years if age,) are not getting the kind of weapons training I received as a MARINE and even as a young hunter. I come from a long line of Cherokee, my grandfather would have me rack him all over hell and highwater. I do not hunt anymore due to severe wounds to my legs. I do collect old and new guns. I have two gun cases with guns standing in the corners of them also. Gun tilted WRONG, light right in front of u wrong, backlighting your sights WRONG. The guy in the picture is dead. Never new anybody who could get a sight picture with a gun laying on its side.

  4. He didn’t read the article and is holding the flashlight directly in front of him in constant “on” instead of intermittent on function. I also feel like illuminating your handgun is a dreadful mistake.

  5. Shooter is illuminating himself. Also holding light in in a position to receive fire to the facial area. It also appears that the majority of the light beam is directed away from the bad guys eyes which would cause a loss of effectiveness.

  6. The hand holding the light should be under and on the other side of the gun hand. The forearm of the gun hand should be resting on the forearm of the light hand. The light will then be beyond shooter’s body silhouette.

  7. The shooter is illuminating his sights, not the target [or only incidentally the target.] He’ll be able to see his rear sights well, but the excessive light on his backsight will make it difficult to pick up the front sight or target [essentially, he’s selectively blinding himself.]

  8. Since he is on the range I find no fault with his handling of the light. However good practice makes perfect and he should probably operate as if there is a true “bad guy” in front of him. That is why it is called the “Practice Range”.

    The lady in picture ‘1’ appears to be doing all things right except for where to point the light. However I have to take in consideration that this is a demo photo and the ‘burgler’ probably doesn’t want his real identity identified with being a bad guy.

    Over all they are just being ‘polically correct’.

  9. The subject has the light directly in front of his body, a shot at the light would hit his torso; he is illuminating his own hand and weapon – there may be another bad guy unseen who can lunge for the gun. Can’t tell in a still photo if the light is always on or if the subject is using the thumb on cap switch to turn the light on and off. Light does not appear centered on the perp’s eyes.

  10. He’s holding the light directly in front of himself.

    Some would say it’s not a good idea to extend your arm out holding the gun. It’s too easy a taget to swipe away.

    Also, he’s standing with a bright light source behind his location.

  11. I see three tactical errors and room for improved technique.
    1. He is lighting up his own weapon hand,which in addition to not only revealing his weapon, but his hand and weapon is partially blocking the effective beam.
    2. He is being backlit by a light source from behind and silhouetting himself to the bad guy.
    3.His weapon is too far out in front,it could be taken. It should be held in close ready.
    4. While there are many light holding techniques depending on the situation;including high overhead (FBI)index,neck index, Rogers/Surfire etc. It is considered a more stable shooting platform with either a two hand hold on both weapon and light or in the case of neck index, the support hand, arm, and elbow is tucked in tight to the chest providing a more controlled and stable position.

  12. By holding the light behind his weapon he’s showing the perp exactly where his gun is and where it’s pointed.
    Also, he’s pronating his wrist, shot placement and ability to stay on target will be compromised. Use that weak hand to support your strong hand so that recovery of the target after the shot will be shorter.