Custom Engraving

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A personal job for engraver Brian Powley. Powley purchased this Series 70 National Match Colt Gold Cup new in 1978. The gun is all original except for the engraving, custom ivory grips, and the grip screws. Powley even has the original box that the pistol was in when he purchased it. The pistol is multi-caliber in that, in addition to the original .45 ACP N.M. barrel, it has been fitted with a Bar-Sto custom barrel chambered in a J.D. Jones wildcat cartridge, the .41 Avenger. (The Avenger is simply a .45 ACP necked down to accept .41 caliber.) The numerous colors in the engraving come from using 24K gold, rose gold, green gold, platinum, silver, brass, and copper inlays. Featured in "Gun Digest 2010." (Photos by Brian Powley)

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