Now Comes Chicago!

Editor's Shot - Gun Digest the Magazine, with Kevin Michalowski

I can’t be sure that I never voted in Chicago. From what I understand just about everyone votes in Chicago, even if you reside in one of the local cemeteries. From the get-go everyone seems to understand that Chicago politics is different. Way different.

When the Supreme Court’s Heller Decision kicked the gun control crowd in the tender parts and forced the destruction of the Washington D.C. handgun ban those of us on the good side of this fight knew two things: Washington D.C. would be a safer and more hospitable place and more law suits would come.

Well, have you seen the reports on CNN about the river of blood running out of our nation’s capital? Me neither. Didn’t happen. Once again the relaxation of Draconian gun laws did not cause a surge in violent crime. And you can bet the liberal media establishment will not report on the decline of crime in Washington D.C.

Some people just don’t get it. They never will get it and you can’t just beat them with a stick to make them understand.

Now comes Chicago. You know Chicago. Biggest city in Illinois. Hometown of our current president. Chicago is the city that sets the standard for corrupt politics; where the selling of a Senate seat surprises no one!

Let me go off on a tangent here to make a point. Remember when then Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich tried to sell Barack Hussein Obama’s Senate seat? Obama had the nerve to tell reporters, “I never met the man.” Not long after that no less than 11 photos of the two conversing at various events became public. And no one in the press questioned it.

You see, that’s how Chicago works. No matter what happens, no matter who saw it, no matter what the facts reveal, a Chicago politician has the nerve to look you right in the eye and say, “Nope. Wasn’t me.” And if that doesn’t work, their hired muscle will look you in the eye and say, “Da man said it wasn’t him. You got it?”

Well, that is what the city of Chicago has been doing since the ban on handguns was passed there some 20 years ago.

During that time the crime rate in Chicago has soared while most of the rest of the country has seen only modest increases and many areas have show decreases. The murder rates are particularly telling. As Chicago sees double digit increases in its murder rate, the rest of the nation, especially those areas with shall-issue CCW laws are showing declines.

But in true Chicago fashion, the politicians continue to tell people, “Dat don’t mean nuthin’. You got it?”

Ask a Chicago politician about the murder rate in relation to the gun laws and you get the equivalent of, “You didn’t see nuthin’. My guy wasn’t even there. You understand?”

What troubles me is that Chicago politicians usually don’t do anything unless they can turn a buck from doing it. I can’t for the life of me figure out how the political machine in Chicago is making money by restricting guns. Maybe they want to keep crime rates high to keep insurance rates up and they are getting kickbacks from the insurance companies,  but I don’t know how corruption works, so I could be all wrong.

Regardless of what the politicians say, the Supreme Court fight is coming to Chicago. Maybe, just maybe, the rule of law will finally prevail in the windy city. Maybe the Chicago political machine will realize they can’t keep taking rights away from honest citizens.

It’s a longshot I know. But we have to have hope.
Good Shooting,

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