Making it Right With a Few Words

You ever have one of those days?

Then you string a couple of them together so you really get yourself looking like a total fool? You know I’ve had them. Some of you loyal readers like to point them out and I’m okay with that. If I make a mistake, I fess up… so it’s time for me to clear up two of them here and now.

First off, I dropped the ball on the SIG 556 SWAT story in the last edition. It was my intention to include a sidebar about MFI.

If you own, work on or even have an interest in tactical rifles, especially the SIG, you owe it to yourself to become familiar with MFI. The firm is a BATFE Class II and III reseller and manufacturer of premium-quality aftermarket parts for the SIG 556, AR-15, AK47 and HK weapons systems. MFI specializes in SIG 550/1/2 retro-style parts. These parts transform the SIG 556 rifle and pistol series to look more like the Original Swiss SIG 550/1/2 weapons. And best of all the parts are all made 100 percent in the United States.

Here is their complete and total contact information. I urge you to get in touch with them for your rifle needs.

563 Via San Miguel
Liberty KY 42539 USA
Tel: 606-787-0022

On the other end of the spectrum is something I just haven’t taken the time to do. I should tell you about a great holster maker. Jerry Ardolino at Lawman Leather Goods in beautiful Las Vegas is in the midst of a production surge. Ardolino makes holsters, lots of them. He’s making them as fast as he can and still can’t cut enough cowhide to keep up with demand. That says a lot about his company’s reputation. In the world of pistol holsters a reputation is built on quality and Lawman Leather produces some of the finest holsters out there.

The big seller right now is the Original Dirty Harry rig. This is arguably the most famous holster in the world thanks to the movies of the same name. But there is no argument that the Dirty Harry shoulder holster is the most comfortable way to carry a big bore handgun. And now, thanks to their VEX technology, Lawman Leather Goods can make the holster for virtually every handgun ever made, from the .44 Colt Dragoon to the Model 1911 to the big X-Frame Smiths. I have one for my Ruger GP-100. The fit and finish is perfect and the gun just disappears under my arm.
Lawman Leather Goods also makes the Rio Concho rig, reminiscent of the spaghetti Westerns and a tactical shoulder holster that will hold up to anything you can dish out.

Seems like every time I talk to Ardolino he’s coming off a 16-hour shift in the factory, where he’s doing all he can to help fill orders. He said his entire staff is trained to be able to do three different jobs on the floor in order to make sure the holsters get to their destination on time.

Lawman Leather Goods offers that great, old-style customer service that you may think is forgotten in this day and age of “Press 1 for English.” When you reach out to Lawman Leather Goods someone helps you.

Find them at

There is so much going on in the world that I might be forgiven for missing a few things here and there, but I’m the guy who is supposed to be on top of it. So, I’ll take responsibility and try to make it right. Check out these two firms. You’ll be glad you did.

Good Shooting,