It’s Been Said Before

Federal Mexican PoliceHere we go again. A recent story posted on the notoriously liberal MSN website, once again blamed guns from the U.S. for the drug related violence in Mexico. And once again the Mexican president suggests that the U.S. restrict the sale of firearms in this country in order to help his country.

I know I’m preaching to the choir, but I will go on record again in pointing out the solution to the problem: Close the border!

News outlets are very fond of running headlines like “The War Next Door.” And every story includes reference to the battle for the “lucrative drug smuggling routes” into the United States.

Let’s close those routes. Shut down all traffic across the border. Vehicles wishing to cross in either direction will be stopped and completely searched. A border fence from Brownsville, Texas, to just south of San Diego, California, should be patrolled by U.S. soldiers at observation posts spaced every 400 yards. And no one should be allowed to cross without authorization. Period.

How would we implement this plan? Take the soldiers currently helping the peace-loving people of the Mideast and bring them home to actually defend the United States.  If we are going to spend billions of dollars, spend it on our country. Can you imagine the economic impact on these border towns if they each had a garrison of soldiers living and working in the area?

And what would the downside be? We would interrupt (not stop just interrupt) commerce between the two nations while searching border traffic. So what?

What is more important: getting cheap car parts and woven baskets into the U.S. or stopping the drug war? What is more important: making sure we have a steady supply of illegal immigrants to pick produce and tend to landscaping and roofing in the southern states, or stopping the drug war?

And finally, what on Earth makes anyone think that restricting the rights and freedoms of U.S. citizens is the correct way to solve a problem in Mexico? Oh, the liberals will tell you that American’s demand for drugs is insatiable, so it is partly our problem. Well, closing the border stops that problem.

And what about the people of Mexico, why are they not doing anything to correct this problem in their own country? Oh! That’s right! Gun ownership is restricted in Mexico. Honest Mexican citizens can’t just go buy guns in Mexico to protect themselves because the government of Mexico decided long ago that strict gun control is the way to reduce crime.

How’s that working out down in Mexico? Let’s see, strict gun control to keep the guns out of the hands of criminals, but now criminals are the only ones in Mexico with guns. Hmm.

The best way to help stop the problems in Mexico is to close our border. After that, the honest citizens of Mexico should be armed so they can fight back and run the drug dealers out of town.

I can hear the liberals now: “Armed citizens in Mexico would be blood flowing in the streets!”

Oh wait. That’s what’s happening now. Close the border. Politics be damned.

Regardless of what goes on south of the border, the Constitutional rights of U.S. citizens should never be infringed to solve a problem in another nation.

Stay safe,