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Gun Quotes: Rifles Finer than Minute of Angle

Think your rifle shoots at distance? It doesn’t unless you know minute of angle like a Palma shooter knows minute of angle.

Highpower rifles, the 10-ring and Xs--Can you hit that at 1,000 yards?“What you have to have is a rifle/ammo combination that you could consistently shoot into 1/2 minute of angle or less with iron sights at 1,000 yards if there were no wind. An impossibility you say? Not so. Most of the top 30 or so long-range shooters in the country end up as members of the U.S. International Palma team. In the Palma match, these shooters consistently shoot scores above 440 … . Do you think these shooters can judge the wind to within 1/4 MOA? … [W]hen they shoot scores on the order of 447 or better with a high X-ring count in really strong, tricky wind, they would have to be judging the wind that closely to keep 42 out of 45 shots in the 10-ring … . I may be wrong, but I don’t think anybody is that good a judge of the wind, not at 1,000 yards. In my opinion, without a half-minute rifle, that kind of score is just a dream.”–Randolph Constantine, Modern Highpower Competition, From Beginner to Master, from the chapter “Long-Range Competition”


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